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          is for women who desire self-transformation; women who know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

Seventy Forever

YOU are in control of YOUR faith and belief regarding health. Learning how to synchronize your body, mind, and spirit is the key to unlocking agelessness. While there is no right or wrong path to living in wellness; understanding this connection allows you to discover your uniqueness and to operate in balance.


Seventy Forever is about helping women in menopause and beyond tap into this sage advice and offers a unique spiritual foundation on how to live a long, happy, healthy, and conscious life.  


Seventy Forever is about learning to face your fears about aging. It’s about unfolding and processing your life to find your authentic self.  It’s about living courageously and defining what really matters and how to celebrate your worthiness. It’s about giving voice to women who feel that they are not done living. 

My Story

I began my personal quest for improved health during my college years when I became a vegetarian and an avid runner.  Unsuspectingly, during my menopausal years, I gained more than 50 pounds and went from wearing a size 8 to a 16!  There should have been no mystery about my weight gain. I ate at least one bag of dill-fried potato chips per day in addition to a pound of peppermint candy. I was not eating healthy and weight gain was inevitable.  Around that same time, my son knew of my interest in bodybuilding and introduced me to the world of bodybuilding competitions. The bodies that showed up to compete were unbelievably fit!  From that day forward I made a commitment to myself that I would be fit by age 70.


At age 69 I hired a weight trainer and began lifting weights and I also learned how to swim.  I worked out daily, winning 1st place in the first annual Body-N-Motion Transformation Contest. At age 70, I trained for nine months and successfully completed my first Olympic triathlon.  Miraculously, I understood the connection between body, mind, and spirit and how they work together to help us rise to a higher plateau of fulfillment and empowerment and to cultivate a whole and vibrant life. I started Seventy Forever to inspire other women to make this connection. I am honored at the opportunity to share my story with you and inspire you to start your own Seventy Forever journey. 

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My five academic degrees and five decades of professional experience as an educator, life coach, university professor, diversity expert, independent consultant, triathlete, and ordained minister, were not what brought me to Seventy Forever. 

What encouraged me to start Seventy Forever was my fear of my body’s progressive decline as I aged and my desire for a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.  Moreover, it was my experience of doing everything wrong (trial and error) until I got it right, which I found intriguing. 

As a result of studying the newest wellness principles and learning how to eat right, exercise right, and balance my spiritual life, I began to see changes within myself. In addition, I found further inspiration after working in South Africa alongside a renowned medicine man who offered his knowledge and sage advice on agelessness.
My vision for Seventy Forever is a community that helps women envision a long, graceful, and vibrant life as they age.

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Synchronize Your Body, Mind, and Spirit in the New Year. See the exclusive AARP Interview on Youtube. (January 10, 2023)



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